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Code 4 Legal is a results-driven law firm focused in high conflict custody and family law litigation. Our reputation in the legal community is one that is passionate for our clients, yet always posturing to leave the lines of settlement open with a proven track record for results. 


Arizona Legal Paraprofessional | Code 4 Legal


When you choose Code 4 Legal to represent you in your divorce, custody or other family law matter, you will be working with a legal team that is dedicated to a client-centric approach. Our case volume is purposely lower than other firms to provide more availability and guidance during a difficult and trying time.  We are dedicated to the process, specifically in areas where we are building you back up to an equal parenting time schedule.  We are also dedicated to you, the client.  Family Law is very personalized with your life under a microscope and your most treasured assets at stake.  At Code 4 Legal, this leaves no room for cookie cutter representation; every case and client is personalized to your unique situation, circumstances and case.    


Code 4 Legal is a law practice exclusive to custody, divorce and important family matters with a broad level of trial and settlement experience.  It is not uncommon for a potential new client to come in with grandiose plans of a pit bull or bully in the courtroom. But when results matter, clients want resolution not high legal bills and at some point that pit bull has either sullied the good will with opposing counsel for productive settlement discussions or has to eat a moderate amount of humble pie to reopen the doors of settlement discussion, potentially weakening a valid legal position.  

An experienced litigator understands the difference.     


Achieving the client's desired outcome, and addressing an unreasonable expectation, is also build upon years of experience, and from that is born a strategic plan.  While each circumstance is different, Code 4 Legal knows that family law lends a great amount of discretion to the judges in their rulings. We focus on what yields the desired result and are meticulous in staying on target with the client's goal at the forefront of case strategy.


Code 4 Legal prides itself on being an affordable option, not just in lower hourly rates, but also in lower retainers as well.  From the day that you retain the firm you will have transparency in our rates and an action plan to give you an idea of what to expect in fees. Of course, we cannot guarantee an outcome, timeline, or a final cost, but relying on years of experience, we have a good idea of what it will likely take to get over the finish line.  A large part of that assessment is reviewing what you have now, compared to what you might be looking for to see what that gap looks like and see if we can help you in a cost efficient manner.

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Case Type
Divorce (Dissolution of Marriage) - New Case
Child Custody/Support (Never Married) - New Case
I have existing court orders or parenting order that I wish to modify or enforce
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Arizona Legal Paraprofessional | Code 4 Legal

Why Code 4?

A Law Firm for First Responders

Code 4 Legal is a law firm serving police, fire and first responders in reverence to the law enforcement community that Ms. Fitzpatrick grew up in. Code 4 Legal is also a callback to her career beginnings in law and identifies with likeminded clientele. In police vernacular, 'Code 4' means the scene is contained (or don't send additional units). In that way, Ms. Fitzpatrick also contains your custody or divorce 'scene' to stop the hemorrhaging of legal fees and put forth a strategy towards the end goal. In working with our first responder clients, certain issues are unique. We fight for shift-friendly parenting plans, defend spousal maintenance claims and, when the law is applicable, protect the government pension.

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